Bouncy Frog is on a quest to conquer the mutant alien flies, hiding on distant planets throughout the galaxy.  You must help assist Bouncy Frog, by maneuvering him up toward the wormholes, to reach their hiding places, while avoiding your enemies.  Eat them before they attack you!

  • Bouncy Frog

    The Hero

    This is bouncy frog, our hero, on a mission to destroy the evil alien flies.  You must help him climb the levels to reach the worm hole, and warp closer to the alien flies’ hidden lair.  As you climb you … Continued
  • Bee

    The Enemies

    Bees Bees roam aimlessly to and fro.  The higher the level, the faster they dart across the skies.  Don’t get stung! Fire Beetles Watch out for fire spitting fire beetles! Spiders Spiders drop down toward you, and try to chase … Continued
  • Coin

    The Rewards

    Coins Coins are wirth 10 points.  Collect 20 coins, and you gain an extra life. Springs Springs help you bounce higher. Propeller Blades Propellers allow you to fly up quickly for 3 seconds, chopping up any enemies that get in … Continued

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