Bees roam aimlessly to and fro.  The higher the level, the faster they dart across the skies.  Don’t get stung!

Fire Beetle

Fire Beetles

Watch out for fire spitting fire beetles!



Spiders drop down toward you, and try to chase you back up their webs.  You can break their webs by jumping into them, but don’t touch the spiders, or they’ll bite you.  You can always eat them first.



Larvae will not hurt you, but they will latch onto you, and weigh you down.  Don’t let too many get you, or you’ll be so heavy, you can’t jump to the next platform.

Boss Fly

Giant Alien Flies

The giant alien flies hide deep within their layer.  They’re hungry, and try to spit vomit on you, to prepare you for ingestion.  Don’t let the corrosive substance hit you!  They’re too big to eat, so you must kill them some other way.